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Hi! My name is Dani Meyer. I am a personal trainer / life coach with 27 years of experience. My passion in life is to “make a difference”. Not only with exercise, but teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle. Giving others direction in fitness and health is something that I have been doing successfully for almost 3 decades. Under my tutelage, my clients focus on strengthening their entire body to create a balance.  I focus on movements that are performed on daily basis (functional movements).  By keeping your body strong and balanced, you will feel great and will be able to stay active.   My background is in Personal Training and Martial Arts. I work with all ages and abilities.  I have trained both fitness and bikini competitors, as well as competed in those realms myself.  I am also a second degree black belt. I know what it takes to reach goals and guide others in setting and reaching theirs. My positive outlook and passion for health and fitness has kept me motivated to keep training.  My goal is to help guide people to exercise and feel good! 

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Whether you are a beginner or have been working out for awhile and want to get back into it, the ground work is already laid out for you. With a customized training program and a gym that's open any time you want, now is the time to take it to the next level!

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Dani is extremely knowledgeable and inspiring as a coach.  She changes up our workouts so we don’t get bored, is a wealth of knowledge and gives great advice when recovering from an injury. More importantly, she is simply one of the most positive people I know.  She has a glass half-full view of the world. She is upbeat and has a terrific sense of humor. I absolutely know that it is Dani that gets me to the gym….not literally, of course… but what I mean is that I look forward to going to her gym, to check in with her and to be a part of her mix of expertise and fun.

Reading, MA

Ann Grosse

"Dani, i wanted to say thank you so much for being my trainer. i feel more fit. i have more energy. i've enjoyed coming in. My workouts have been absolutely fantastic. I love that i can come in, work out for an hour and have it written up and show me how to do everything. I would recommend you to everyone. So, anyone that wants a trainer, come to Dani! She is really great and she knows what she is doing."

Jamaica Plain, MA

Jason del Castillo

"Working out with Dani has proven great results. My goal was to gain mass and I've gained more muscle mass under her program than all the years combined training on my own. I highly recommend her." 

Woburn, MA